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Designer Handbags Without The Designer Price

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

So you want a designer handbag but you haven't got a designer salary. Fear not, You can have that beautiful handbag and hire it for the week! Not only is this a great option to have the latest collections on your arm but its a step in the right direction to sustainable fashion. There are several great sites that offer this service. The range doesn't stop with handbags, on offer are the latest jewellery collections and other accessories. Prices start from around £150.00 for a 7 day hire which can be extended. However, there is a deposit involved which I guess is to expected as some of the exquisite pieces cost upwards of £3,000. As well as rentals you can also subscribe to a monthly bag lovers site with monthly swaps included. A great way to have a sustainable designer accessory for that special event or a pay day treat!

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